presentation to youth

Topics covered during the two day program

Wisdom: We all know that wisdom is important, but what is wisdom, and how do we get it?

Self acceptance: Many teens struggle with the question "If God made and loves me, then why did he make me
like this?" At Ultimate Quest we will discover how to deal with the things we wish we could change about ourselves, but can't.

How to respond to authorities:
From birth we struggle against those who try and tell us what to do? So why do we have them, and
when can we stop listening to what they say?

Guilt greatly hinders our relationship with God, yet many Christians carry this burden with
them. Here we learn how to gain a clear conscience and have good relationships - with God as well as others.

We all get angry, but why? What triggers our anger, and is there any way of overcoming it.

Sooner or later we all get hurt by others. It may have been something they said to us, or maybe something
they have done. Their wrongdoing has affected us and has a lasting negative impact on our lives.
But what others have done to us doesn't need to hinder our lives, there is a way to find relief.

"If God is a loving God, then why do bad things happen?" It is a question we all
face at one time or another. But when suffering comes our way, it is no longer an academic
question. How do we deal with suffering in our lives, and why does God let these things happen to me and my friends?

Broken Relationships:
Relationships are wonderful, but when they go wrong it becomes very painful. How can we avoid
these hurts, and when they arise - how can we heal them?

Moral Purity and Dating:
Moral Purity is more than just saving yourself for marriage. It's also thoughts and emotions.
We explore what God says about being pure.

Success in Life:
What is success and how can it be measured? We find out what success really is and how it can be obtained.